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  1. mgmasterv2

    IFI Neo as preamp

    hi guys , i want to buy a new amp for my kef q750 speakers , i was thinking about buying a power amp (e.g. rotel) and directly connecting my ifi neo dac as a preamp to it , is it a good idea? or should i go for an integrated amp like cambridge cxa81? also i was looking at rotel RB-1552 MkII...
  2. B

    What's the best way to connect my 1/4 (6.35mm) headphone cable to 4.4mm Pentaconn jack

    Hi - I have a pair of Audeze LCD-2 and an iFi Hip DAC. My Audeze come with an 1/4 (6.35mm) cable and I want to use them with the iFi 4.4mm Pentaconn balanced jack. What's the best way to connect them? I've looked around and I can't find an adapter that matched the two. Thank you