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  1. Aasbakk

    Question Subwoofer facing mains

    I have two subs in my home cinema. One at each side of the sofa, facing the mains with about 3 meters distance. My current phase setting is 0°, but I read somewhere that it could be better with 180° when mains and subs are facing each other I know phase should be set where you achieve the most...
  2. J

    Question Looking for a new av receiver?

    I currently have the now 5 year old Denon avr-x3500h receiver I love the way it sounds in stereo when i'm listening to music but I am now looking to upgrade. One of my main reasons to upgrade is to make full use of my tv the Samsung QE65QN95B and the Ps5 which I mainly use as 4k blu ray player...
  3. C

    Best Home Cinema AV below £500

    For the last couple of years the What Hi? Best AV receiver below £500 seems to have been an omitted category A previous winner the Sony STR-DN1080 has since been discontinued, What are people’s recommendations? My Onkyo receive is outdated and does not have 4K capabilities. I currently have...
  4. L

    Inherited “old“ receiver from my father, what next?

    Hello! I recently inherited an old Onkyo TX-SR875 and hooked up my old Elac FS67 pair to it. Shortly after I bought an Elac Debut C6.2 and two Elac Debut B5.2 (as surrounds). I then acquired two dirt cheap speakers and put them right behind my sofa for a 7.0 setup. Soon after I realised...