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  1. angelmf2704

    LG V30 or budget DAP

    Hello, recently I purchased a new pair of headphones (Sennheiser HD 560s). I'm using a USB DAC with 70+70mw of power to drive the 120 ohms of the 560s. I was thinking of upgrading to a more expensive DAC with more power. Right now I'm using Tidal as my streaming service. I had in mind the Hiby...
  2. angelmf2704

    Audiophile newbie advice

    Hello, I've been experimenting music and equipment for about 18 months. I have tested some headphones, dacs and budget speakers. Recently I purchased my first USB DAC (Hiby FC1), a budget but great option. I have used Sony's WH-1000XM3 for travelling and some casual use, don't criticize me...
  3. angelmf2704

    Enable USB Audio Samsung S10

    Hello, recently I wanted to upgrade to sound of my Samsung S10 (Exynos) beacause it wasn't not what I expected. The sound was muddy and not very powerful. So I bought a Hiby USB DAC and it work great with Hiby Music but I haven't been able to get to run with other apps. I was planning to change...
  4. L

    Cheap Chinese in-ear headphones for the Hiby R3 Pro

    Hi, should anyone recommend a "perfect" universal balanced in-ear headphones, priced up to 120USD. Thank you