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    Newbie from South Wales

    Hi guys, I habe been wondering for months what audio equipment to buy i.e, sound bar, Sonos , kef ls50ii. I have now decided to go down the amplifier and speaker set up as the other half and myself would rather not see too many wires and we don’t have many plugs. Lol. I popped in on the off...
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    Will old Sugden A25 or Audiolab 8000a work with Dali Oberon 5

    Hi All This is my first post, I drooled over What Hi Fi Magazines as a teenager, quickly upgrading my early efforts to a Sugden A25 and Rogers Ls2's when I was in 18 in 1998 , these got sold for a trip abroad a few years later. A couple of years ago I managed to re acquire an A25 from the...