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  1. P

    More beginner questions!

    Hi all, After some great advice from you guys on speakers, i now have a pair of Mission M72s. So thank you all! I now need to know how to wire them. The speakers are my actual speakers, the amp pictured isn't mine but just an image I found online as I'm not at home right now. I have four core...
  2. G

    Hi-Fi Newb Seeking Advice On Amp-Speaker Combination & Connections

    Hi, first off my thanks to What Hi Fi forum Admin for accepting my request to join the community here. I'm thinking about buying a Rega io stereo amplifier and pondering on a few things. If anyone can help that would be great. The speakers I'm drawn towards are Q Acoustics, but I'm unsure...
  3. labelman68

    What cable/connection to use- Macbook to DAC

    I can't seem to get a straight answer here. I'm currently using Audirvana to stream Tidal tracks from my 2019 Macbook pro to my Naim Atom. I'm using WiFi but am thinking it might be better to direct cable but can't figure out what is the best connection. Best to use the headphone jack to...