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  1. LasseMajja

    NAD C338 ChromeCast issues

    Hello, So i 've had the C338 for a while now. Mostly I use it with my turntable which works flawlessly. But when using the casting service some strange things happens. I can start the casting session and everything works fine for a while until the sound just stops. This can happen after 30...
  2. N

    Raspberry Pi - Upgrade from Chromecast Audio into rDAC??

    Hello there! I'd be grateful for some streaming advice... My Setup: Chromecast Audio (toslink out)/ Arcam rDAC / Roksan Kandy KA1-MkIII / Dynaudio Audience 40s Since selling my CD player (Marantz CD63 mkII KI Sig), I've been using my Chromecast Audio to stream FLAC from Plex Media Server and...