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  1. Dicky-Art

    Streamer upgrade and internal DAC comparison questions

    Hi I'm after another Streamer. I have been using the WiiM mini (now given to my son) through my CXA81's internal DAC Optically connected . I thought the quality of sound very good even though it's so cheap! I only use Spotify. Not into Hi Res Audio, CD quality is fine for me. Been looking at...
  2. H

    Advantages of a Network Player - Cambridge CXN V2 for Gapless Playback

    Hi all, I just found a mint condition used Cambridge CXN V2 network player for a good price and I was wondering if it worth spending this money to have gapless playback. Even though my system was built on analog purposes, most of the time I use Spotify/Tidal and currently in my setup (with...
  3. C

    2002 v 2020 Roksan amp

    I bought a pair of Dali Oberon 5s and a Bluesound Node streamer and they’re powered by a Roksan Kandy III bought in 2002. The thing is, I have no problems with the sound but can’t help wondering if I’d be even happier with an upgrade to the amp? I’m a huge fan of plenty of controlled bass...
  4. jenci

    Question Cambridge Audio 851n

    Can I use deezer on Cambridge Audio 851n just like spotify? (not with cable or bluetooth, airplay, etc.) From my couch I would like to control my sound system with my smartphone with deezer app. I can do that with spotify beacuse the app founds the 851n, but deezer app can do this?