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  1. mgmasterv2

    IFI Neo as preamp

    hi guys , i want to buy a new amp for my kef q750 speakers , i was thinking about buying a power amp (e.g. rotel) and directly connecting my ifi neo dac as a preamp to it , is it a good idea? or should i go for an integrated amp like cambridge cxa81? also i was looking at rotel RB-1552 MkII...
  2. A

    Question Speaker match for cambridge cxa81?

    Hi! I was wondering which floorstanding speakers between 2000 and 3000 eur (1690-2 536 gbp) are a good match with cambridge audio cxa81? Dont want the treble to become too bright, the mids not to have too much bass so the voices sound unatural. Thanks!
  3. S

    Stereo amp with Polk S60

    I am currently using a 2.0 with PolkTSX330t with Yamaha HTR3067. Looking to move this to a HT and build a new 2.0 syatem for my living room of abt 500 sq ft area. I have loved Polks and thinking of getting S60 pair. What is a good amp to go with these? In my area, denon, cambridge audio and...
  4. G

    Wharfedale Evo 4.2 - A Story Of Love & Heartbreak (Powered by Cambridge Audio CXA 81)

    I bought these fantastic speakers around 6 months ago. For listening to low-mid tempo music, I give them a solid 9/10. I can’t imagine there are a better pair on the market that look and sound like this for anywhere near the price of £599. However, I have come to realise that there is an...
  5. D

    Amp suggestion for B&W 606 s2 anniversary edition

    I'm planning to buy a pair of B&W 606 s2 anniversary edition speakers. I'm looking for an amp suggestion for those speakers. My budget is 1000 GBP. I have thought about Rega Elex R and Cambridge Audio CXA81. both got very good review but Rega got no digital input and CA got no Phono input. Any...