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Forum discussion tagged with cable.
  1. How to connect a mobile phone to my Denon D-m-41 without Bluetooth?

    I have a doro 1370 mobile phone and when I switch on Bluetooth my Denon D-M41 HIFI it doesn't pick it up as the Bluetooth from the phone is not recognized on HIFI. So, what cable can I use to take the sound out of the headphone socket to connect to the HIFI, either analogue in or optical in...
  2. labelman68

    What cable/connection to use- Macbook to DAC

    I can't seem to get a straight answer here. I'm currently using Audirvana to stream Tidal tracks from my 2019 Macbook pro to my Naim Atom. I'm using WiFi but am thinking it might be better to direct cable but can't figure out what is the best connection. Best to use the headphone jack to...
  3. W

    Help identifying this termination type.

    Hi there, I am selling some audio equipment on behalf of a friend on eBay. He said this termination is called a BFA, but when I do a Google search for BFA the connector looks a lot diferent. Could someone please tell me the correct name for this type of termination? (see attached picture) The...
  4. swains

    Nad d3020 and Dali Zensor 3 cables

    Hi, I have just purchased a nad d3020 v2 (awaiting delivery) and dali Zensor 3's. These will go with Rega planar 3. This is my first setup and I am learning as I go. I was wondering if there were particular cables to link amp and speaker that anyone could recommend. Also, when doing a bit of...