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    New to this - recommendations for turntable with Marantz PM7000N

    Hi there, I'm interested in doing a bit of bandwaggon-jumping and adding a turntable to my setup but to be honest I don't know where to start. Ideally I'm looking something that's £450 or lower, and preferably with a built-in phono stage - but that's not a dealbreaker. I'm not fussed with USB...
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    Question Stereo Amplifier advice to match current system

    Hi, I am looking for advice on purchasing a Stereo Amplifier to match my system. Most of the music I listen to is on Vinyl. My budget is limited to £1000 max, preferably around the £500ish mark. My system comprises of B&W 606 S2 Anniversary Edition Speakers on Atacama Stands Chord Rumour X...
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    Amp suggestion for B&W 606 s2 anniversary edition

    I'm planning to buy a pair of B&W 606 s2 anniversary edition speakers. I'm looking for an amp suggestion for those speakers. My budget is 1000 GBP. I have thought about Rega Elex R and Cambridge Audio CXA81. both got very good review but Rega got no digital input and CA got no Phono input. Any...