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  1. L

    Kef LS50 original (ex-demo) vs. LS50 Meta (new)

    I've found a local shop which sells both LS50's (Meta and original version), but with the original version in an ex-demo pair for half the price of the new LS50 Meta . The guys told me, despite the marketing buzz, the difference in sound quality is not that significant, and becomes more...
  2. Jan Gaens

    Question Replacing floorstanders

    Current system: Rega Brio amp, Rega Apollo cd, bluesound node 2i. Current (failing) speakers: KEF Q7. Your advise on new floorstanders (price/quality matters, not too intrusive in living room). Mainly listening to classical music but also pop, rock, jazz,... Are the neat iota alpha an option...