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  1. M

    Bluetooth Headphones Built in Mic Compatibility

    Hi all, I'm looking to get a pair of bluetooth headphones (likely the AKG Y400s), and I can't find out if the built in microphone will be compatible with an iPhone over Bluetooth. I thought this would all be fine, but the sales assistant in the shop (who was very helpful) wasn't sure that the...
  2. Coauctor

    Question Wireless headphones with a wired option for $600 / €500 / £440 (if they exist)

    Hey, guys and gals! I got valuable help from the neighboring section on Hi-Fi, and the guys advised me to ask about headphones here (mentioning @anort3). :) Would be great to hear your thoughts! I'm kinda new to all this. Thanks in advance! So, I have the following set of parameters brewing in...
  3. tinaag

    Question TV Samsung QLed 4k Q7FN 55" which are the good head or earphones bluetooth to use?

    I have a Samsung Q7FN. I will need references for good Bluetooth earphones or headphones. I have a Level U but is falling into pieces, and soon will die. I bought online a AKG Y600NC but I rad some reviews from users saying it's not a good device. so in case this phone is really bad and if I...