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  1. P

    Latency issues with APTX-LL receiver/transmitter used with video

    I need to wirelessly send audio from a Roku stick in a projector on the ceiling to my soundbar approximately 15 feet away. There is no way to neatly run a physical cable between them, so I set up a bluetooth link between the projector and soundbar. However, I am having noticeable latency...
  2. P

    B&W DM601 S3 Bookshelf Speakers- New requirements for amp in family room

    Hi everyone, would appreciate some words of wisdom. I love my B&W DM601 S3 bookshelf speakers ( 8 Ohm, 25 - 100 W), currently stored in the loft. My old amp is long since dead and in reality, my requirements have changed, having a young family who wants to easily steam music (Bluetooth)...
  3. I

    Sony SRS-XB10 speaker won't pair

    We have an older Sony SRS-XB10 speaker that has sat unused in an office for quite a while. I suggested my partner to take it home so we can start using it again around the house. I have fully charged it but after following the instructions I can't get the speaker to pair with any of our...
  4. tinaag

    Question TV Samsung QLed 4k Q7FN 55" which are the good head or earphones bluetooth to use?

    I have a Samsung Q7FN. I will need references for good Bluetooth earphones or headphones. I have a Level U but is falling into pieces, and soon will die. I bought online a AKG Y600NC but I rad some reviews from users saying it's not a good device. so in case this phone is really bad and if I...
  5. Stu18

    Adding Bluetooth Audio to a Stereo amplifier

    HI Guys I'm new to this forum and have a question I hope someone can answer for me: i want to make my stereo amplifier Bluetooth so that I can listen to anything that is connected to it through my Bluetooth enabled headphones. can I connect a Bluetooth transmitter to the headphone output on...