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    ifi Zen DAC V2 - What balanced cable to buy?

    I want to purchase a balanced cable for my speakers - Hivi D1200 and Headphones Hifiman Sundara, but I have very less knowledge about the cables and their outputs. Speakers - Currently my speakers are connected to the ZEN DAC V2 and the connection goes like this: ZenDAC V2 (6.3mm to 3.5mm...
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    Anyone compared the sound of Focal Celestee balanced vs 'normal' cable through a balanced amp?

    My headphone listening is currently through a Naim Uniti Atom HE, which offers 2 different balanced outputs and one unbalanced. My cans of choice are Focal Celestee closed back, which ship with only an unbalanced (and rather short) cable. Has anyone had the same curiousity as me AND had the...