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  1. J

    Question Looking for a new av receiver?

    I currently have the now 5 year old Denon avr-x3500h receiver I love the way it sounds in stereo when i'm listening to music but I am now looking to upgrade. One of my main reasons to upgrade is to make full use of my tv the Samsung QE65QN95B and the Ps5 which I mainly use as 4k blu ray player...
  2. C

    Best Home Cinema AV below £500

    For the last couple of years the What Hi? Best AV receiver below £500 seems to have been an omitted category A previous winner the Sony STR-DN1080 has since been discontinued, What are people’s recommendations? My Onkyo receive is outdated and does not have 4K capabilities. I currently have...
  3. W

    AV receiver recommendations for a 3.1 home cinema

    Hey everyone, first time venturing into the world of true sound, which I know very little about so I'm hoping you guys can shed some light. I'm building a 3.1 home cinema setup and currently I've got everything but the AV receiver. 1x sub: Klipsch Reference R-100SW 1x center speaker: Klipsch...
  4. shyzite

    What amp for Dali Zensor 1's and a sub

    Hey, i got a klipsch r12sw subwoofer and dali zensor 1's but I need an amp to run it. i got around 130€ which should be enough because sub is active and the dali require 25-100w. regards
  5. H

    Integrated Amplifiers with DRC?

    Hi I have a simple two speaker setup (trusty B&W 601 S2's) powered by a NAD D3020 V1. Yes a bit old, as is my knowledge of hi-fi in general! I have it attached to my TV and everything is fine apart from a lack of dynamic range control (or DRC). Sometimes it would be great to be enable DRC when...
  6. M

    AV amps / upmixing from 5.1 (DVDs etc) to 7.1+

    TL;DR: Are AV receivers / AV amps that upmix from 5.1 --> 7.1 still a 'thing'? I have googled av amplifier with 5.1 upmix av amplifier with dolby IIx etc. Most of the stuff that comes up seems out-of-date, and I can't find any currently available AV amps that advertise Dolby Pro Logic IIx. So...
  7. ProgDr

    Question AV receiver that sounds good with turntables

    My question is, can i get an AV receiver thats good with analogue sources, goes fairly loud and streams Amazon music HD in a single box? I have been set the task to simplify the set up in my lounge by my wife and kids. I have a Yamaha Aventage RX-A1070 receiver thats used for vision but the...
  8. angelmf2704

    Home Cinema Receiver and Speakers

    Hello, I would like to create my own hometheater. My budget is limited to $1500 dollars, I want to buy a great receiver for movies and some casual music listening. Some features I would like to have are: 7.2 or higher channel setup, good 4K upscaling, Dolby Vision, balanced and detailed sound...