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    Arcam AVR 10+what front 3 speakers??

    Hi all, I posted earlier. I have a Arcam AVR 10 and a LG 65 GX. I am looking for a front 3 speakers. I am not in a position to try and get sound from the speakers. I am thinking of splurging and buying the KEF R2C. Its 850. And then the front R5'S or the the equivalent in the GX series. There...
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    Best way to stream Tidal to my HiFi

    I've recently invested in some Arcam kit (SA20 Amp and CDS50 CD player with streaming capabilities) and have wanted to stream Tidal (HiFi/FLAC) to it. Although Arcam have their own Music Life App which lets you do this natively from within the app, the experience is poor (app is a bit flaky...