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  1. C

    Question Speaker question for Arcam SA20 and Cambridge Audio CXN V2

    Hi, I just got back into listening to my hi fi as the kids are growing up we built an extension where I can use it. It’s old though and a little ugly for my wife to like it. I replaced my much loved Cambridge Audio A640a with a new Arcam SA20 I got in a sale on eBay for £425. After using a...
  2. eric magar

    Arcam SA20 sound problem

    I am puzzled by my amplifier's recent behavior. I play mp3 files through a laptop, connected to the amplifier's back CD plugs with an aux/3.5mm to RCA cable. After a short time, the sound in one channel becomes scratchy. With enough time, it gets faultier, eventually losing the sound altogether...
  3. S

    Question Arcam SA20 USB-dac and Linux?

    Hi! Anyone got it working? On the fence about buying it.