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    Sonos Arc + Sub or Sub Mini

    Does anyone have any real world experience with either of the above two combinations and would like to share. Considering adding a sub to my Arc and wondering whether the Mini is sufficient or otherwise? Thank you in advance. Kind regards, JC
  2. Z

    Question Why is Redbull TV stereo and not 5.1 as standard?

    Decided to check out Redbull TV but disappointed that it only plays in stereo. Is there a way around this? I did wonder if it's because I don't use ARC (annoyingly that never worked smoothly) and instead use an optical cable. Any ideas?
  3. S

    Question new TV with EArc or just the enhanced Arc cable

    I've switched from a Yamaha Av system to a JBL 9.1 soundbar on an oldish TV with HDMI2.0 which has ARC so my question is do I need a new TV with EArc or just the enhanced Arc cable to get Dolby Atmos, so confusing?
  4. H

    Question Sonos Arc with One SLs

    I finally sold my 10+ year old setup (Denon AVR 2310 + Kef 3005SE), although I’ve kept my B&W PV1 that I upgraded from the original Kef sub. Anyway I’m considering the arc with one sl rears as I would prefer a simpler and wire free set up. I also think it would also allow me to have a proper...