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  1. salmanzulfiqar

    Banana plug cable issue with Aiyima A03

    Hey guys, I am utterly confused over something. I have an aiyima A03, and I tried using my banana plug cables with them but they don’t work properly, audio cuts off etc. But I tried bare wire and it worked perfectly. I can’t explain this at all because the banana plug cable works fine with my av...
  2. I

    Should I buy something better than Aiyima preamp/amp to go with my BW 606s2 anniversary speakers?

    I'm a new hifi guy so I read some reviews and bought the B&W 606 S2s and bought an Aiyima A08 amp and Aiyima T8 Preamp and then I plug my laptop into my Fiio M11 Plus LTD in Dac Mode and it sounds great. Is there something I'm missing here by not buying a more expensive amp? If you think so...