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    Question Speaker selection issues for a budding audiophile

    Hi everyone! I've tried sifting through reviews and different forums and the end results that I'm more confused than when I started. My dabbling into hifi started when I bought used Denon amp and a pair of Cambridge Audio Minx XL speakers, so pretty standard stuff to start with. Then I jumped...
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    AV receiver recommendations for a 3.1 home cinema

    Hey everyone, first time venturing into the world of true sound, which I know very little about so I'm hoping you guys can shed some light. I'm building a 3.1 home cinema setup and currently I've got everything but the AV receiver. 1x sub: Klipsch Reference R-100SW 1x center speaker: Klipsch...
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    I will be driving KEF T301's left right and center with a KEF Kube 10b sub. If I want 5.1 power (if I get rears eventually and I want to use HDMI eARC connectivity is an integrated amp or receiver a better choice? I don't think I need a receiver, but is there a quality integrated amp? I will...